Is you staff Cyber-Smart?

Cyber-Security has become everyone's responsibility. 

With just ONE CLICK a confused, tired or over-worked employee can allow a cyber criminal to side-step all your defenses. 

It's no longer enough to simply train your staff and ask them to be alert.   

  • Cyber-Security is a game of cat-n-mouse.
  • The Bad-Guys are constantly changing their approach, trying to remain undetected. 
  • Employees are engaged in new on-line activities every day making unfamiliar pages and activity the norm. 

Today's Cyber-Security training must address well-known AND unknown threats. 

It must keep the students engaged

It must keep their knowledge current and fresh

It must test their application of that knowledge and re-train them when they fail. 

A 2013 study showed that 1 in every 5 small businesses networks would be compromised. With the ever-increasing technological advances, it is likely that since then, these numbers have climbed, posing a significant risk for a potential breach, lost or stolen data, or some type of malicious threat.

Training you staff is the easiest and most cost effective security measure you can take.

Our dashboard makes it easy to see exactly where your students

are in their journey to becoming Cyber-Smart 


  • Practical - Training for regular non-technical folks that's easy to understand and apply to every-day life.
  • Flexible - Eliminating the need to dedicate huge blocks of time (that no one has), our on-line modules can be stopped and started as often as needed.  Students can also restart or re-take any module at any time.
  • Effective - Our videos are based on every day events making them easy for students to incorporate into their view of the world.  
  • On-Going - So much more than a one-n-done video and test, our training is a series of training modules, weekly micro-training videos and quizzes and newsletters. 
  • Verifiable  - Student activity and test scores are all recorded and reported on the managers screen for recognition of low risk students and re-training can be suggested for high-risk students. 
  • Tested  - Students application of knowledge is tested with Simulated Phishing Attacks.  You'll know who took the bait and needs additional training. 
  • Accountability - Our training dash-board keep students engaged by showing them where they stand in relation to their peers. We monitor and publish their Employee Secure Score (ESS) which is derived from their tests, quizzes and Phishing failures. 
  • Encouraging  - Our dashboard provides suggestions on what a student can to to strengthen their Employee Secure Score (ESS) and reduce their risk of being duped by a new threat. 
  • Employee Security Training - With 95% of all data breaches being caused by Human Error*, why do most businesses ignore Employee Cyber-Security Training? We asked ourselves, and our clients, that very question. Then we developed an Employee Cyber-Security Training program that overcomes all the reasons not to train your staff. Click HERE to learn more.
    *Source: IBM's 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index

No matter the size of your business, employee security training is a definite requirement for every business in the digital age. If you are worried or unsure of where to start, call to schedule an on-line demo of our security training program. 

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