A Word on Testimonials.

At MTS we work hard for, and value, our clients testimonials.  As such we have quite a few that we would love to share with you.

BUT we value our clients security above all.   While the promotional value of our client's kind-words is significant, it can not be compared to the value of our client's security.

The Security Theater is flush with increasingly clever actors, many who have resorted to "Vishing" or Voice Solicitation.  (The act of  calling someone to extract private or confidential information by posing as a trusted entity)  No one has ever tried to "Vish" an MTS Client by pretending to be from MTS, & we intend to keep it that way.

As such we have removed the personal names and company names from all our on-line testimonials.

If you would like a copy of our printed Testimonial Book, or would like to talk to several references, please don't hesitate to ask by using the Contact-Us form.

I apologize for this minor inconvenience, and hope you understand and appreciate why we've taken this position.

Bill Billand. Managing Partner. MTS.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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