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We moved IT problems off our desk onto MTS’s desk

For us MTS provides reliability & responsiveness. Since they’ve been monitoring and managing our network, the system is very reliable.  When problems arise, MTS responds quickly to minimize down time. When we changed, we moved IT problems off our desk onto MTS’s desk, we now have the reliable professional help we need at a fair price.

James Piro, Principal. Piro, Zinna, Cifelli, Paris & Genitempo LLC.

Sherry VanDyk


UFCW Local 1245

They take responsibility from start to finish. Worry Free

Since MTS has been managing our network its “worry free” and I trust them to the fullest extent.   Compared to other firms, MTS is extremely quick to respond and resolve issues.  They always follow through.  We are not very technical but when MTS gets our call, they understand whatever issue we are trying to describe.  They take responsibility for any job or problem from start to finish.  I would (and do) tell other businesses to go with MTS for peace of mind; they are the “pinnacle” of IT companies.   We have developed a mutual, friendly and professional relationship with MTS.



MTS ensures the infrastructure supports the business plan.

MTS understands what makes a business run, and ensures that infrastructure supports the business plan

They always provide trustworthy advice and have a long track record of delivering timely and reasonably priced network management and support


Bob Sandelands, Managing Partner, Accordant Company LLC.

Response times second to none!


The response time for MTS is second to none.  When we call with an issue, they are able to solve the problem over the phone or are there same day. They really understand the products that they sell.  Service is excellent. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Gigi Aprile, Office Manager, Brockwell Carrington Contractors, Inc.

MTS Saved our A..!

We are all completely dependent on our technology. When something goes wrong, it has to be addressed immediately. When hurricane Sandy flooded our shop, it was MTS that saved our a-- with a replacement server and immediate data recovery from the backup process they installed just a few months earlier.    I would definitely recommend MTS to anyone looking for sold network management and a company to watch their back.

Danny Moran, President Custom Steel Contractors, Inc.


Danny Moran, President Custom Steel Contractors,  Inc.

No down time.

The biggest benefit of using MTS is our complete faith and confidence in our network.  Our systems are monitored and maintained on a daily basis and as a result we don't have any down time.  Their responsiveness and honest advice are a big plus in comparison to other firms I’ve dealt with.

They clearly focus on our bottom line before theirs which as the CFO, I appreciate.

MTS Clients can expect honest feedback, excellent advice, and outstanding reliability.


Lou Sciascia:  CFO, Landmark Fire Protection

With us every step of the way


MTS has taken the time to fully understand our business and its technology needs.  This became overwhelmingly apparent this past year when we moved our office and production shop.  MTS was with us at every turn from pre-project research and planning in a consulting capacity to being on the job with sleeves rolled up working right alongside us.  Bill’s knowledge and willingness to get involved in anything and overcome hurdles was very helpful in the success of our move.  Our production shop was up and back in production on schedule.  We were very grateful to have MTS with us through this process.


Scott Grant, Project Manager.  Independent Sheet Metal Co.

Exceptional Speed in responding and resolving problems.


MTS’ speed in responding to and resolving problems is above that of any other firm we’ve used.  The always listen to our concerns and address them in the most cost effective manner.

With MTS you can’t go wrong, they’re knowledgeable, friendly, easy to work with and responsive.  Problems are identified and addressed, many times before we’re aware of them.


Alan Genetempo:  Piro, Zinna, Cifelli, Paris & Genitempo LLC.

They are up to date with the latest technology

I have been a customer of MTS for the past 16 years and have never once ever considered going anywhere else for my network management or telephone needs. They have always been there when I needed them from completely new server installations to assisting with minor problems as they come up from day to day operations.  The best part is that you can pick up the phone and feel like you are dealing with a trusted family member! They are up to date with the latest technology and always have suggestions that are cost effective.


Michael Bonaduce,  President, Adventure Travel Inc.

Communicate using terms I always understand

MTS has managed our network for more than 13 years. When I first started here, Rob was a lifesaver.  He patiently walked me through everything I needed to know. Since that time MTS has always been there for all our needs with quick and professional support by friendly people who are willing and able to communicate using terms I always understand. Lori is super to work with.

I have and will continue to recommend MTS to anyone looking for an IT firm.  I trust MTS.

Peace of mind

The Peace of Mind that comes from knowing our Timberline database, construction drawings and e-mail are secure, permanently captured and redundantly backed up and that we are prepared to quickly overcome any issue from minor to major is the biggest benefit of having MTS on our team.

MTS is attentive to our needs, super responsive and always know exactly what they are doing.  That  they explain technical issues in a user friendly way and are so easy to talk to is icing on the cake.   We’ve been using MTS exclusively for all our network and telecom needs for over 17 years.


Paul Cacioppo, Partner, Landmark Fire Protection Inc.

Real customer service!

MTS expertly monitors and manages our network and backup-and-disaster & recovery needs so we can concentrate our construction business, not IT issues.  Their personalized service and concern for our needs is evident in everything they do both in the office and on the job sites.  They’re always helpful, even when it’s outside their job description. (I.E. the AS400 system).  The backup process they designed and implemented has proven to be a life saver.

MTS delivers as promised, with personalized service & support above and beyond our expectations.  Most issues are corrected remotely, but there is never an issue getting someone on site when needed.  Real customer service! We are never put on hold or forced through numerous call-system prompts.  All calls are answered quickly.  An incident ticket is created right away and work on the issue begins almost immediately.

Also MTS follows up to ensure that the issue has been corrected and the user is satisfied.


Bill Fitzgerald: Project Manager. Joseph A Natoli Construction

Their Advice is Spot-on, even when we don’t like it.

With MTS prompt service and an unquestionable knowledge base is only a call away.

Their advice is always spot on, even when we don’t like it.

They are simply the best IT firm I’ve ever used.


Joseph Manasia Controller, Power Electric Co., Inc

“once you’ve experienced MTS, you understand the difference.”

MTS handles all of our day-to-day computer operating issues, thereby allowing us to focus on our core business, and not peripheral issues unrelated to generating corporate profits.  MTS has exceptionally short response time compared to most other IT companies.  We never find ourselves waiting for IT support.  Instead MTS fixes our issues remotely, in short order, and we are back in business.

MTS is the difference between a ‘Philly Cheesesteak” and a cheesesteak in South Dakota; the difference between flying in your own Gulfstream G650 and flying coach on a commercial airline; the difference between driving a Bentley versus a Buick.  If you’ve never been exposed to the best, you may think you have good IT service, but once you’ve experienced MTS, you understand the difference. (Wow – Thanks Mark, Bill)


Mark DeMattheis. Managing Partner, DeMattheis Investments, LLC.

Immediate Response

Knowing that MTS will immediately respond to our needs and is always available to manage our servers and networks is a huge weight taken off my shoulders.  Using MTS at other places I’ve worked made it a no-brainer when I started my business. They have been with me from the beginning. MTS is very responsive, courteous and explain any issues or concerns in detail so I always understand my options


Andy Komisar. T&R Alarm & Electric Systems, Inc.

It just takes one phone call.

MTS is the first firm we’ve used since outgrowing our internal ability to manage our network.  It’s a big benefit knowing that we’re protected from problems, and MTS is always ready and able to help.

It takes just one phone call and EVERYTHING gets taken care of.


Maria Gasquet, Office Manager, Piergrossi & Peterman LLP.


The system is very reliable with MTS’s service

The biggest benefit is knowing that if we have a question or problem, you or your people are always ready and able to help.

Reliability & responsiveness. The system is very reliable with MTS’s service & when problems arise, MTS responds quickly to minimize down time.


William Peterman, Partner, Piergrossi & Peterman LLP.

Calm in the heat of chaos.

We’ve not been able to create a problem which MTS couldn’t resolve the same day we created it. Not incidental to that result is the calm and reassuring demeanor of the staff at MTS. No matter how freaked out we are here, The MTS team quickly figures out the solution and they calmly walk through the steps necessary to resolve the problem.


Jon Birge, Owner, Valley Entertainment Records.

MTS provides us with unparalleled service and support enabling our rapid growth.

We get more than a "phone system" with MTS.  We get an amazing "resource" that includes exceptional customer service, technical support and unvarnished customer-focused consultation.

With other providers you can buy a phone system, with MTS you buy a technical resource to support your company that includes a phone system.  The difference is substantial.


Ed Whitney. COO, NeuroAlert Services, LLC.

In Healthcare response times are critical.   MTS is always right there!


Cost savings are what brought us to MTS.  They took the time to evaluate the services we were using, and then suggested better, less costly, alternatives that have been great.  Response times are always extremely fast regardless of the issue.  Continuity is very big for us; MTS is so much better than the revolving door of techs we experienced with other firms. The personalities of the people we work with are also very important to us.  The MTS staff members all have great personalities from top to bottom, that makes those IT issues easier to deal with.

The service is second to none; MTS has an excellent knowledge base and provides great solutions to streamline your business as well as identifying cost savings.


Michael Graziano, Clifton Surgery Center

always exceeds my expectations.


For the past 20 years I have relied on the quality service and professionalism of MTS.   In a time of IT need, whether it’s a server issue or a desktop issue, I have the security of knowing that there’s someone ready willing and more than able to help.    MTS has helped me in so many ways and always exceeds my expectations.   MTS provides service from professionals I feel I know and can COMPLETELY rely on to get the job done.    This is a service that is not provided in a one size fits all IT service firm and a huge value to companies moving at the speed of sound.


Linda Hann,   CFO, Hann Consulting Group LLC.



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