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"Enabling our rapid growth".

Ed Whitney CFO NeuroAlert Services

MTS provides us with unparalleled service and support enabling our rapid growth.

We get more than a "phone system" with MTS.  We get an amazing "resource" that includes exceptional customer service, technical support and unvarnished customer-focused consultation.

With other providers you can buy a phone system, with MTS you buy a technical resource to support your company that includes a phone system.  The difference is substantial.

Ed Whitney.  Chief Operating Officer,  NeuroAlert Services, LLC

Everyone understands why they need a phone system,

but many don't realize how many useful features there are and how to take advantage of them.

NEC's new UT880 Tablet Style desk set.

NEC UT880 Tablet desk set - side view

Traditional Deskset with 24 function keys

Traditional NEC Deskset with 24 fucntion keys

Phones are Phones?  Not any more.

Give us a call at 973-808-2882 to discuss the features that are right for you.

Productivity features like:

  • Call Monitoring, to listen in and train your staff.
  • Call Coaching. Coach your staff while they're actively fielding a call, without the caller hearing.
  • Call Recording. Review and critique the calls after the fact.
  • Speed Dialing. Never have to re-key frequently used numbers,
  • Automatic Call Distribution.  Route call to individual departments automatically.
  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR). Know who called who, when and for how long.
  • Custom greetings and menus. Keep you callers up to date with what's new.
  • Day / Night / Holiday modes.
NEC UT880 Tablet Desk set, front view W/. Icons.

Some of the more popular system features.


  • Promotions on hold, Why not advertise for free?
  • Two-way paging for warehouses or production floors. Don't stop production to get a simple answer from the floor.
  • Background music to provide a calm environment.
  • Mobile Extensions.  Let callers reach you on their first try wherever you are.
  • Voice mail to e-mail transfer. Never have to check your messages again, have them find you anywhere.
  • Urgent message notification.  Give urgent messages the attention they deserve.
  • Caller ID so you know who's calling before you answer.
  • Door phones. Know who's at the door and buzz them in.
  • Remote (off-site) extensions.  Snow Day? What snow day?  Work from home with a fully functional extension.
  • Satellite office linking. Let your other office(s) share the same phone system.

Everyday Technology is providing new products and services to better manage your business.

At Managed Technical Services, we filter out the junk, test what's left and deliver the products and services that will make your business safer, faster, more efficient and more profitable.

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