Relocation Services

Moving is hard,MTS can help.


Call us early, we'll help every step of the way:

  • Site selection
  • Site preparation
  • Move Planning & Disruption Minimization
  • Technology relocation
  • Post relocation support

We will have your network, Internet phone system and phone lines ready and waiting for you at your new location.

Every move includes a headache.  Let MTS reduce the pain.

Moving your business?


Lucky you!  You're moving. If this is your first move, a word of advice - start preparing early.  Like a Broadway production, you've got to coordinate everything; you get one chance, and there is no dress rehearsal.   While we can't help you with everything, we can lift a big burden from your shoulders.


  • We can set up the new office phone, network and surveillance system cables.
  • We can coordinate phone lines, Internet Access and even television service installation.
  • We can document your existing computer room configurations, break them down and recreate them in the new office.
  • We can relocate your telephone system.
  • We can replace your phone system and have functioning for you the moment you arrive at your new location.


When you consider everyone will want access to all their resources at the old office until the very last minute, then look for them immediately upon walking into the new office, it's actually more like a heart transplant than a Broadway production.


Moving is hard enough, offload some of that burden to MTS; you'll be glad you did.  Call 973-808-2882 or send us a note to discuss your requirements with a company that's done it many many times, for ourselves as well as for our clients.


Remember - You get one chance to get it right. Hire the experts at MTS to ensure your success.

With us every step of the way


MTS has taken the time to fully understand our business and its technology needs.  This became overwhelmingly apparent this past year when we moved our office and production shop.  MTS was with us at every turn from pre-project research and planning in a consulting capacity to being on the job with sleeves rolled up working right alongside us.  Bill’s knowledge and willingness to get involved in anything and overcome hurdles was very helpful in the success of our move.  Our production shop was up and back in production on schedule.  We were very grateful to have MTS with us through this process.


Scott Grant, Project Manager.  Independent Sheet Metal Co.

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