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Put an expert on your team.

Have an upcoming project, that you just cant seem to get off the ground.   Let an expert from MTS help.   We can  help you from project definition all they way through testing and implementation.


Consulting engagements can be as short as a few hours to the lifespan of a whole project.

MTS Consulting Services brings our insights into your decision process.

Consulting engagements for as little or as much as you need


At Managed Technical Services, we understand that getting the most of your IT investment means much more than keeping your network healthy, secure and backed up.   Sometimes a few hours with a professional can uncover inefficiencies that, when overcome, can increase productivity or save time day after day, week after week, all year long.


Keys indicators that you could benefit from a consulting engagement:


  • Recurring process that requires the re-entry of data or for data to be printed from one process and entered in another.
  • Cumbersome procedures that require significant set up or have hard to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Just about anything that requires the physical moving, disconnecting, or reconnecting of equipment.
  • Any process that everyone in the office dreads.
  • Implementation of a new business application that requires more technical expertise than your staff has.
  • Major business disruption such as opening a satellite office or moving the business to another location.
  • One-time process that involves technical expertise but can't justify the time and expense of training internal staff.


You know better than anyone else where the bottle-necks in your internal work flows are.  Maybe it's time to solve those problems once and for all.  A no cost, no obligation conversation can't hurt, and it might just put you on the path to SUPER EFFICIENCY.


Give us a call at 973-808-2882 or send us a note.

Everyday Technology is providing new products and services to better manage your business.

At Managed Technical Services, we filter out the junk, test what's left and deliver the products and services that will make your business safer, faster, more efficient and more profitable.

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