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MTS offers a wide range of cloud services to fit your specific needs

MTS Cloud Services are expanding all the time


With many clients looking to offload the expense and responsibility of on-site hardware, or to  avoid the upfront cost of application licenses, MTS offers the following cloud based services.



As with everything MTS offers, it's not offered to you, until its tested by us.


To discover how MTS Cloud Services fit within your business and budget contact us, by phone at 973-808-2882, or e-mail us.

What exactly is "The Cloud" ?    Why is everything "moving to the cloud" ?


In very generic terms, the cloud is simply a nice buzz-word word that refers to a product or service available for use on the Internet.  It could be a desktop application like Microsoft Office or QuickBooks.  Or it could be a service like E-mail filtering or virus protection.   Traditionally these products have been installed on locally owned machines within a company's network.  When they are "moved to the cloud", it simply means they are installed on someone else's hardware and made available to you, the consumer, over the Internet.  (Software available in the cloud is sometimes also called "Software as a Service" or SaS.)


Perhaps the best  use of the cloud is the process of cloud storage.  Data Storage has been the proverbial thorn-in-the-backside of many an IT professional.  Traditionally unreliable, confusing, slow, hard to administer, expensive, prone to human error and geographically just too small, tape backup was the necessary evil for anyone without a Fortune 500 Budget.


WELCOME CLOUD STORAGE!  With data replicated across multiple geographic locations, even small businesses can have a disaster recovery process as effective as any Fortune 500 company.  When Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast several years ago, not one MTS cloud-based-backup client lost even a single byte of data--including those who lost their whole building!


There are plenty of pros and cons to discuss when considering a move to cloud-based anything.  Give us a call at 973-808-2882 or send us an note, to discuss how the cloud may or may not benefit your business.

Take your Microsoft Office suite with you everywhere you go.

With Office 365 you'll have access to you're entire suite of MS Office products.

  • Automatically updated to the latest versions
  • Easily share between Office / Home/ Tablet/ PC & MAC, iOS, Android and Windows Devices (surface)
  • Cloud storage for all your file sharing needs. Files, Calendars, Video Conferencing, Team Chat...
  • What you need when you need it.  Increase or decrease licenses as you need.
  • Built in security, Office 365 gives you enterprise-grade user and admin controls to further secure your environment and keep you confidential data confidential.
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee

Hosted Microsoft Exchange - Enterprise-class e-mail at a small-business price.

Microsoft Exchange from MTS is a mission-critical, enterprise-class email platform that enables efficient access to email, calendars, attachments, contacts, and more—no matter where you are or what type of device you’re using. It’s an accessible, collaborative, reliable email platform that helps improve productivity, and it’s available in a simple, easy-to-use package.

  • Email Anywhere You can access email anywhere, staying connected with your work and your team.
  • Stay on Schedule Shared calendars, distribution lists, and task management tools keep everyone in alignment.
  • Stay Productive Access permissions help users focus on only the parts of the interface they need access to to get their jobs done.
  • Start Fast MTS technical support will work with you to get you up and running quickly.
  • Lower Costs Hosted Exchange lowers total cost of ownership by using Hostway’s hardware, infrastructure, and personnel.
  • Improve Security The connection between your Outlook client and the Exchange server adheres to stringent security requirements, and every mailbox has standard spam and virus filtering.

Comprehensive and 100% Cloud-Based Email Security and Archiving for all Organizations

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Barracuda's Essentials for Email Security protects your organization with comprehensive, scalable and affordable multi-layer security and archiving whether you use on-premises email like Microsoft Exchange, or a cloud-based productivity suite like Google Apps for Work or Education.

Email continues to be a primary communication channel and thus is also one of the most frequently exploited threat vectors. Email-borne data breaches, data leaks, business disruptions as well as compliance and litigation searches cost money and reputation.


In addition to spam-based attacks, email threats have evolved to highly sophisticated phishing campaigns, targeted zero-hour attacks and data theft aimed at exploiting risky user behavior. With 91% of hacks starting with a targeted email attack, organizations need to protect their users, data and assets. If you are running Exchange on-premises or it is hosted in the cloud, you also have to deal with the added challenge of email and business continuity.


Compliance and preservation of email is now a key requirement for many organizations, and the penalties for not meeting business and governmental regulations can be severe.


Barracuda Essentials for Email Security combines several layers of protection for inbound and outbound email to secure against the most advanced email borne attacks, email spooling to ensure business continuity, and archiving for organizations to meet demanding compliance and preservation requirements and address eDiscovery requests effectively and easily.


Key Features: Spam Protection, Virus Protection, Archiving, Malware Protection, Link Protection and Typosquatting , Data Leak Prevention, Agentless Email Encryption, Anti-Phishing Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, Denial-of-Service Attack Protection, Outbound Email Filtering, Email Spooling



A quick and sobering thought on all things Cloud.


Without a reliable Internet Access your cloud solutions are out of reach.  All the money you're saving could be lost to downtime.


Let MTS configure a redundant Internet Connection with either Auto-failover so one or the other is always providing the Internet Access you need or with Load-Balancing which lets you take advantage of both connections while they are up, while providing the auto-failover when one fails.

Redundant Internet connections with Auto Fail-over is an important feature for anyone using Cloud Services.

Redundant Internet Access with Fail-over

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