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Remember when life was simple and the only reason for a backup was protection from hardware failures.

Not sure what type of backup is right for you?   Or even what your options are?

There's a lot to consider.

  • Local, off-site or both?
  • How many restore points?
  • Redundant file server VS. pure data copies
  • Recovery Time
  • Geographic Redundancy
  • Expense VS Security


Let MTS help you navigate the options and decide what's right for your business security and budget.

Call us today at 973-808-2882 because waiting for a better time could be a big mistake.


Watch this short video & then give us a call to discuss what's right for your business

MTS saved our a--!

We are all completely dependent on our technology. When something goes wrong, it has to be addressed immediately. When hurricane Sandy flooded our shop, it was MTS that saved our a-- with a replacement server and immediate data recovery from the backup process they installed just a few months earlier.    I would definitely recommend MTS to anyone looking for sold network management and a company to watch their back.

Danny Moran, President Custom Steel Contractors, Inc.

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  • Serious about Backup
  • Serious about Recovery
  • Serious about Business Continuity
  • Serious about Business....... Your Business

Everyday Technology is providing new products and services to better manage your business.

At Managed Technical Services, we filter out the junk, test what's left and deliver the products and services that will make your business safer, faster, more efficient and more profitable.

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